Gem Submission

Our clients may contact us via email or telephone to obtain instructions on how to send their jewels to our Laboratory, via a secure delivery service.  We always contact our clients once we have received the goods to confirm the order.

Local and International clients are welcome to visit our site to ensure that their gems are hand delivered if preferred.  Our office hours are stated below and an appointment will be made for your visit.

Loose stones will run the through the whole identification process as described on our site, and certification will be presented verifying authentication.  Mounted jewellery will be appraised and verified and certification issued for insurance purposes.

Generally we require five working days to inspect and authenticate gems to ensure that the certification is accurate.

The service we provide is friendly, consistent and reliable.  Above all, we like to ensure that our clients will remember their experience and will not hesitate to to call on us again to provide certification for any other gems.

Please do not hesitate to contact us using the information provided below or by using our contact form.