Immediately upon receiving your diamond and until it is returned back to you the client with our unique grading certificate, we are solicitous in it’s handling in every avenue. Our team of experts who are trained gemologists as well as our large group of support staff will throughout the whole time a diamond is entrusted into our care, treat your gem with utmost security and privacy.

As stated previously we follow all the governing laws when assessing jewels and gems, and we use cutting edge technology and instruments during our grading procedures. With these guidelines and tools UGI Labs distinguishes and appraises the stones.

Progressive Grading Process

  • Registration – As soon as a diamond is received, it is weighed and measured, and then appointed with an identification number. This identification number replaces all client information in order to ensure honest and impartial grading. A receipt will be issued to the client stating all the relevant information, i.e. the identification number, and other first hand visual information.
  • Shape – Each diamond is characterised according to it’s shape, whether it be round, oval, pear, etc. Brilliance and symmetry plays a big role.
  • Cut – The cut is characterised according to it’s brilliance. Each cut and shaped diamond will be assessed as to characteristics, for instance, the diamond category will relate to it’s cut and depth (the difference between the girdle and the culet measurement), which will give an indication of the average diameter of the diamond.
  • Weight – We weigh our diamonds and gemstones on an extremely accurate digital balance scale.
  • Dimensions – The diamond is then measured to ascertain its dimensions and to give an example, a one carat stone is equal to 100 points and weighs 1/5 of a gram. We verify this information by applying magnification up to 10x. After this process has been completed an optical evaluation is then carried out to ascertain the diamond’s symmetry and the number of facets cut into the diamond. Which takes us on the next process.
  • Cut Grading – After all dimensions and facet information is obtained, we are then ready to substantiate the accuracy of the cut grade, whether it displays a “hearts and arrows” i.e. Precision Cut pattern. A special tool called a Firescope is used to observe the hearts and arrows pattern. The tool allows us to assess the contrast, alignment and symmetry of facets of a gem by viewing the diamond from above and below. This is achieved by directing light at specific angles in order to obtain the reflection of light back from angles and facets of the diamond.
  • Colour Grading – The absence of colour in a diamond (which by the way is the highest grade – D) is how the colour code is graded. If any colour is determined in the diamond then the grade will changed according to our colour scale. Therefore, we find it imperative that our colour grading is carried out by at least two trained gemologists as well as their support staff.
  • Clarity Grading – Flawless diamonds are free of inclusions when magnified and this is the highest grading for any diamond or gemstone. Once again the stones are assessed by as many trained personnel as possible, so as to avoid any discrepancies on the final certificate.
  • Issuing the Certificate – During documentation and issuing of the certificate to our clients, all of the information is included within it. A summary of all the facts obtained from the diamond or gemstone is recorded.

We have set up a certificate system whereby you, the client, can obtain information about your gem at any point as the information is uploaded.

A client can request to have his identification number inscribed on the diamond or gem for insurance purposes and in addition to that a name, or message, can also be applied by laser.