Pearl Identification

Are your pearls real?  It is imperative that if you are buying or have inherited pearls that they be evaluated and identified as soon as you can.  Pearls are a great gift from the sea and have many stories attached to them.

Pearls are coated with “nacre” which is produced by the mollusks.  The inner shell layer is what gives pearls the “shining” glow.  This is the substance that will actuate its authenticity.

64 power magnification is a must to determine whether a pearl is real or not.

At UGI Labs we look for imperfections first, because each pearl is unique.  Too perfect stones are usually an indication that they are manufactured or imitation pearls.

Then we look at shape, no two pearls are exactly the same shape either.  They come is various shapes and sizes, from small seed pearls to great big round pearls.  Pearls also come in various tones and colours.

The pearls overtone is very important since it is this that gives it the lustre that makes it so beautiful.  Although not all pearls have overtones.  As a pearl is rotated in certain light the colour should change if it is a real pearl.  Lustre of the pearl and surface perfection is essential in identification.

So when we receive your pearls at UGI Labs the same identification process used for the diamonds and gemstones will be carried out with the pearls.  Each pearl, stranded or loose are identified and processed to obtain the information required for your certification purposes.

The pearls will be weighed and measured using specialized instruments.  The gemologists will each verify the information regarding the density of the nacre layer, it’s shape, colour and lustre.

A whole range of testing equipment will be used to provide all the above information so that your certificate is a guarantee that your pearls are authentic.